Where does the word Arlùnviji come from?

Where does the word Arlùnviji come from? Arlùnviji is a word I created 20 years ago while gazing at the beauty of an egg shaped moon. I was in awe as I could see the moon transforming and blossoming fuller right before my eyes. I was reminded of how we are always in the process of movement and constant change, shedding and becoming full in new ways.

This word has been with me over the years and I finally decided to do a little research on it. To my pleasant surprise I learned it has some interesting origins. It just so happens to be a colorful combination of two cultures rich with values that resonate with the essence of what we offer at Arlùnviji. Creativity, dance, playfulness, knowledge, energy, healing, spirit, art, consciousness, passion and community.

• Lùn comes from the Latin root meaning Moon
• Viji is the Hindu word for Victorious

As it turns out, this made up word Ar-lùn-viji loosely translated means Victorious Moon!

The moon is fluid and holds both aspects of the masculine and feminine.  The moon absorbs and reflects the light of the sun. Therefore, it is both active and receptive which is a great symbol for moving the body, healing and empowered transformation.

Arlùnviji reminds us that there is an art to conscious transformation, that we can be in relationship with the inevitable changing forces of life and that we can create the results and life we desire. On your journey towards a fuller more victorious life we can assist you at Arlùnviji in the art of transforming your body and being!

Looking forward to moving with you!


Nikki Alstedter

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