Teacher Bio: Julie Ramsey

Julie Ramsey

Julie Teaches Gyrotonic

Why I love To Teach:
I have a love for anatomy and physiology and I love to share this information with clients as they work through various issues with this movement modality. I love to see the progress that each client makes through every session, this work is magic and to see how people transform is very inspiring!

Gyrotonic Method Level 1 and 2, Gyrotoner, Jumping Stretching Board, Explorations into the Extremes with Abel Horvath, CPR, EMR, Pre-med sciences

My Teaching Style:
I prefer to watch the client move prior to starting various movements on the equipment so I can prepare each session with maximum benefit for each client. There are so many movements to choose from with the various sculptural machines. I like to plan ahead so each session runs smoothly, caring to the needs and wishes of each client and their goals. I love communication and having an open dialogue with each client so I am aware of any physical limitations or challenges.

Specialized Areas of Expertise:
I love working with athletes as well as people who may be recovering from an injury or illness. My first intention was to go to medical school, but when I found Gyrotonic, I chose to take a different path. Realizing that I could use this method to help people, I chose not to become a doctor.

Words to Describe Me:
Compassionate, focused, detail oriented, passionate, creative, forward thinking, patient, strict.

My Favorite Things:
Nature and hiking long distances alone, riding horses, traveling the world, dancing tango, food and eating healthy, moving my body, friendship and music.

Classes I Love To Take:
Not only do I love taking dance classes and Gyrotonic courses, I love constantly striving to increase my mental capacity for learning. I attend courses regularly in anatomy, physiology, psychology, various sciences, as well as having a master’s degree in art and dark room film photography.

Nature, movement, change and transformation, art, the creative spirit, and the sharing of one’s abilities and skills with the world in order to make this place a more beautiful place for all living things.

Website: www.jeweltonekinetics.com

Phone: (415) 685-6010

Email: jeweltonekinetics@gmail.com

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