Teacher Bio: Chantel Wagon

Chantel Wagon

Chantel Teaches Pilates and Da Vinci BodyBoard

Why I love To Teach:
I teach for joy and community. With a busy day job in Finance, teaching Pilates allows me to access my creative side and to share my passion for health and wellness whilst creating authentic mind-body connections.

Pilates Certification at Pilates Sports Center, Jikiden Reiki Certification with the Jikiden Reiki Institute in Kyoto, Japan.

My Teaching Style:
My style is flexible, focused and from the core. I will adapt to whatever your body needs on the day. I care about the quality of your session and will keep you present in the work. I believe core is king; I will help you to connect to and move from your deep core.

My Group Classes Are:
Challenging, flowing, results oriented, fun!

Specialized Areas of Expertise:
Beginners, Athletes, Teens, Pre/Post Partum, Males, You!

Words to Describe Me:
Intuitive, compassionate, focused, finance geek!

My Favorite Things:
I am happiest when I am active and outdoors, whether it be hiking, running, walking my dog at the beach or trying a new class – I like to keep it moving. The farmers market is also one of my happy places; there’s nothing better than feeling the vitality of a healthy lifestyle and nutrition is a key part of that. When I need to rest and
recharge a little, you’ll find me at the spa!

Classes I Love To Take:
Pilates, Da Vinci BodyBoard, Yoga, Boxing, Bootcamp, Circuit Crossfit… it’s all about balance!

I am fascinated by the mind-body connection, I believe the body wants to thrive and that healthy
movement can help to heal mind, body and soul. I love learning about our amazing, smart, incredibly forgiving bodies.

I am inspired when I see the body start to recover from injury or dysfunction. There is so much to learn, from a
physical, emotional and energetic perspective, and that inspires me to continue to teach and in doing so, learn.

Phone: (973) 722-2152

Email: chantelwags@yahoo.com

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