Balance is Bliss

The spring equinox is one of two days of the calendar year in which dark and light, day and night, are exactly the same length and perfectly balanced. In ancient times, and still in cultures throughout the world, the spring equinox is celebrated as the start of the new year, as the natural world “wakes up” from its winter slumber. Tender green shoots and deceptively delicate flowers emerge improbably through snow and ice, signifying a time of new potential. Opportunities for new growth, beauty, and abundance abound.

Our bodies want to follow this natural time, and so when turning from a period of deep rest and resourcing to brisk and decisive action, how do we find balance between the two extremes, between motion and rest, work and play, darkness and light?

Moving in nature is my way of finding harmony. On the days I feel rushed off my feet, I go to the beach. I stand balanced on the rocks among the shore. Surrounded by the constant crashing waves, I feel a part of something larger than myself. Reassured by their rhythm, echoed in my heart and in my breath, I remember to follow my body’s wisdom. When I feel stuck, I walk in the woods. I listen to the birds’ singing. I watch them build their nests. Alert and awake in the moment, I am at ease, trusting that the path, not the destination, is my true purpose, and everything will unfold beautifully, as long as I continue building the life I desire with joy and grace.

– Jamie Skinner

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