Align with Abundance

On the other side of the rainbow, something golden is waiting for you. What is keeping you from receiving and appreciating what is good in yourself, your body, your loved ones, your world? Are you waiting for an engraved invitation? Do you work and work and work on different projects, never quite allowing yourself to finish any of them? Or do you finish but refuse to let the rewards come to you, effectively hiding your light under a barrel because it never quite measures up to the ideal in your head? What would it feel like to be present with your goals and dreams for the future while giving yourself permission to live every moment to the fullest, right now?

If you are anything like me, holding the tension between what could be and what is can feel like walking a tightrope. Several times in my life, I tried to lose weight and gave up, because starting the process of change meant getting up close and personal with the imperfection of the present moment. It meant earnestly calling forth my “dream” body, while lovingly accepting my real body at it’s current size and shape. It meant putting on stretchy pants and dancing in that body, in front of the mirror, in front of the world. In exercise clothes, there is no room for residual self image. I became strong the moment I chose to love myself at my weakest. Everything else was progress.

Transformation is what blossomed from that alchemy of self-love, gentle discipline, and fruitful reimagining. So keep one eye on the sky and one on the ground, lovely dreamers, lest you trip over the pot of gold when you do, in fact, reach the end of your rainbow!
– Jamie Skinner

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